Our Pricelist

  • First review takes about one and half an hour 400 kn + PDV
  • Control overview, (follow up) lasts shorter, from 30-45 minutes 300 kn + PDV
  • Home visit in case of acute infection 400 kn +PDV

Telephone consultations, especially via text messages are included in the price of the examination to help the patient understand the healing process itself, especially in the beginning while the immune system is still sensitive to external factors, and until there is a kind and noticeable improvement. Medicines are ordered from England, Austria and Greece and are not included in the price of the examination.

Before you come to the first examination, you need to fill out a form (INITIALIAL INTAKE FORM), which will be sent to your e-mail address after you have arranged the first examination. The form must be completed, signed and returned to my e-mail address. You should take the original form with you to the first examination which will be stored in your medical record.