VACCINATION-control of Nature

VACCINATION-control of Nature

Vaccination of the population has become a “hot” topic today. Something that was considered extremely effective in preventing disease, today has proven to be extremely destructive and degenerative for the human species.

Modern Western society has been systematically vaccinated several generations ago.

Namely, in medicine that has a mechanistic aproach of the human organism and perceives it as a mechanical machine, it is believed that the vaccine causes the production of humoral and cellular immunity against the corresponding microorganism, and that antibodies protect us from infectious diseases caused by the virus in the human body.

This theory is correct, except that these antibodies should be created naturally, by overcoming an acute infectious disease without chemical treatment of the organism, and at the same time that the person does not enter a state of chronic ailments. In this case person is healthy.

This phenomenon is based on the natural laws of the disease in which the disease enters the body from the periphery (skin and mucous membranes) to the more central and deeper parts of the body. It is a progression of the disease.

Health when is re-established, goes the opposite way, from the central parts to the periphery, and then we have a re-manifestation of infectious diseases with the development of high fever.

Any organism that has the ability to develop a high temperature and thus remove the microorganism from the body and return to a state of functionality, without being treated with a chemical drug has a GOOD IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The closest thing I could say about the physical structure that plays the most significant role in this process is the function of the limbic system.

In the human body, more precisely in the human brain there is a system called the LIMBIC SYSTEM and it has a central position in the nervous system.

The limbic system plays the most important role in the health and disease of the human body.

The most important part of the limbic system is the HYPOTHALAMUS, which is located centrally in the system and is connected to all levels of the limbic system by two-way communication routes. Together with the structures tightly connected to it, the hypothalamus sends signals in three directions, back and down to the brainstem, up to the areas of the cerebrum and cerebral cortex and into the hypothalamic stem (infundibulum) for complete or partial control of most secretory functions of the posterior and the anterior pituitary lobe.

Namely, this extremely small structure of the brain the size of a few cubic centimeters is the most important part of the brain, and depending on the stimulation that comes from outside (the environment), the entrance is for disease or health. It is a structure of double quality, negative and positive.

According my knowledge it is the  most important anatomical structure of human health.

Hypothalamic function in the body: control of the cardiovascular system, regulation of body temperature and fever, regulation of body water, regulation of uterine contractility and milk secretion, regulation of the digestive system and feeding, regulation of endocrine secretion of anterior pituitary hormones, the body's ability to produce positive and negative emotions .

Every organism has IMMUNITY, and this ability cannot be seen only in innate and acquired immunity.

It is a much more complex ability of the organism.

If someone asked me the definition of immunity, then my answer would be- THE ABILITY OF THE ORGANISM TO COPE WITH EXTERNAL FACTORS, either material or immaterial in nature.

Vaccine in my opinion, especially older vaccines, are a biological-chemical material and as such, negatively stimulates. In some individuals, if they are healthy and strong constitution and good immunity, they will develop a high temperature, fever (inflammation) if damage of organism is due to the vaccination.

Homeostasis or balance of an individual is its work functionality, complete concentration on creative work. This means that there are no psychophysical disorders.

If the vaccinated individual is no longer able to develop a high temperature higher than 38.5C, and at the same time has developed chronic symptoms, such an individual has developed a more "sicker", chronic condition (subinflammatory).

This is evident in lot of cases of the development of ADHD and AUTISM. There is a change in mental-emotional state.

In reality, the phenomenon occurs that the child can no longer follow the school program, that his attention is weak or non-existent, that he is restless, that he no longer has social behavior, that he is aggressive, irritable, anxious, phobic, that he is mentally and emotionally absent, cold, there is a change in reaction to food, desires and aversions occur.

Actually, there is subinflammation in organism. The inflammatory process only has changed the location in the body.

Very often in such children we find the absence of the possibility of developing high fever.

Vaccination of the population is atempt to control infectious diseases, but at the same time we got chronic diseases of worse type .And this can not be called HEALTH.

If an organism can FUNCTION withouth taking any chemical drugs this organism is healthy. 

Real state of health of the world society would be shown when we will take out chemical drugs, then we will witnessed range of huge suffering of humanity. For example, take out only sedatives, and you will see condition in which is person. 

Every persone created by our Divine creator  should have choice to take or not vaccine and should not be discriminated in that way.

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