What is REAL cure from  chronic disease?

Many people when they feel a disturbance in the functioning of the body seek medical help, start from a family doctor who does triage on symptoms, and if he can not solve the problem with acceptable chemicals then the patient is sent to a number of specialists and a series of diagnostic tests.

In a large percentage of cases, the disease begins with acute infectious respiratory inflammation or skin disorders, and treatment by a family doctor is reduced to the administration of anti-inflammatory chemicals, antipyretics, antibiotics for bacteria and topical corticosteroids to relieve itching.

After some time, a person returns due to recurrent inflammation and the same medications are administered again.

This process is repeated with the increasing occurrence of inflammation until the moment when there is a reduction and "disappearance" of acute recurrent infections. Usually then your doctor informs you that the problem has been solved, but then after some time (the latent period of the chronic disease has begun) you come again to seek help for other problems such as headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, chronic cough, high blood pressure, metabolism of iron, sugar, hormones, sleep disorders, concentration, comprehension and memory, chronic pain of various localizations from simple inflammatory changes of the joints to a systemic autoimmune diseases.

In reality, inflammation has changed location and entered from the surface of the human body into internal organs and systems.

And so you start from a specialist office where you get medication and after a while you are told that everything is done and that you are no longer a patient of that specialist office, but a patient of another specialist office and so on to the most difficult, psychiatric-neurological .

Can this be called a CURE of chronic degenerative disease?

Is a person cured if rheumatoid arthritis disappeared by taking NSAIDs and methotrexate, and at the same time a cardiac problem appeared with numerous arrhythmias of ventricular etiology?

Has a person been cured if allergic rhinitis disappeared by taking nasal decongestants, antihistamines and topical corticosteroids, and at the same time bronchial asthma developed?

Is a person cured if numerous antibiotic-treated sore throats have disappeared and the patient has developed chronic gastritis?

No, these are not cures, but these are PALIATIONS of disease, i.e. SUPPRESSIONS OF IMMUNITY into the deeper internal parts of the human organism.

A cure in the case of rheumatoid arthritis would be to get rid of joint pain without developing cardiac problems at the same time - only in this case can we say that the person has been cured.

The cure for allergic rhinitis is to relieve the person of the symptoms of rhinitis without developing asthma symptoms at the same time.

A cure for acute recurrent sore throats would be the disappearance of the inflammation without the simultaneous development of chronic gastritis.

All chronic diseases arose after the organism was no longer able to develop a high fever with  higher than 38.5-39C, and the disease "moved" to deeper structures hitting the organism at the genetically weakest point, depending on the family predisposition.

Inflammation, FEVER, is the evolutionary mechanism of the organism in the fight against microorganisms and in order for the organism to remain healthy, free from chronic degenerative disease, it is necessary to treat acute inflammation very painstainkingly , tedious and precisely, because everything that the organism develops as a symptom serves to preserve the most important thing in us. , and that is VITAL FORCE-LIFE.

The health of the organism depends on the balance of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, so killing pathogens is not the solution, but the solution is to treat the organism in such a way that the immunity is raised so that the organism can overcome barrier itself.

Cough, fever and skin rash are the body's defenses and these symptoms must be stimulated, not removed as quickly as possible by chemical means.

It is precisely because of this that cardiac disease emerges as the leading cause of mortality in modern Western man.

Any person who is unable to develop such a high temperature in the last year or two of their life, in reality has deeper chronic problems, whether they are latented or manifested.

With proper treatment of a chronic disease, the appearance of the body's ability to "raise" the temperature, ie the recurrence of acute highly febrile infections of the mucous membranes or skin is a sign of strengthening immunity and return to health.

It is the “yellow” line that is crossed by a specific sequence of homeopathic remedies, which leads to a re-establish of HEALTH.

Health is a feeling of FREEDOM and unconditional happiness of the organism, but without chemical drugs.

Once should know that disease is not something which is of mechanical-chemical nature, but of energetic-spiritual nature, as HUMAN IS NOT BODY, BUT BEEN.

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