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Homeopathy is a systematic therapeutic way of treating a patient

Founded by German physician Samuel Christian F.Hahnemann(1755-1843)
The word homeopathy is dervied from two Greek words, „omoios“ which means similar, same and „pathos“ which means suffering, illness.


Homeopathy is a very detailed medical discipline in which natural substances specialy prepared are used in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, in a way that STIMULATES the immune system.

The beginnings of medicine date back to the ancient times of Hippocrates and Paracelsus. German physician Samuel Hahnemann systematized principle of healing in his monumental work, The Organon of Medicine .

The principle of treatment is described as the LAW OF SIMILARITY - any substance that can cause disease in a healthy person, can in a very dilute dose cause healing in a sick person .

The basic principle lies in finding a drug that has the most similar symptoms that a sick person has, and thus through princip of resonance, there is a STIMULATION OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM of a sick person.

That is the principle - the Like cures like . The process takes place on the dynamic (electromagnetic energy) plane of the organism.

This is in oposite to the principles of conventional scientific medicine.

The chemical drug works by eliminating a symptom of the disease, but at the same time by causing another symptom that is inherently more severe than the first, and in reality there is a SUPPRESSION OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM of the sick person.

The process takes place at the chemical level of the organism.

Samuel Hahnemann came to this discovery by chance, as everything in science was discovered by, examining the action of quinine on himself, and by Divine providence he came to the principle of homeopathic medical science.

Everything is described in detail in the 'Bible of homeopathy' , the Organon of Medicine .


The basic concept in homeopathic medicine is that the SYMPTOM is not a disease, but the response of our immune system to a trigger factor from the environment.

The immune system is a sophisticated defense mechanism of the organism and is not limited to only humoral and cellular immunity. It is a much more complexed function of the organism.

The immune system is in constant activity , without us being aware of it , it registers all external factors and if it is functional , it returns the organism to balance, to creative functionality.

One example of how the immune system works:

when we work in an environment where the ambient temperature gradually increases, our body will heat up and slowly the sweat glands will be activated automatically without our control, and the body will start sweating in order to remove overheating and resume human activity . All this happens at the subtle level of our body, which is called the immune system. So, in this case, excessive heat is an external factor (trigger) with which our immune system 'fights' through sweating so that the body remains in homeostasis and continues to perform its function smoothly.

The same principle takes place in acute and chronic diseases.

In acute diseases, high fever, chills, cough, fatigue, loss of appetite, increased thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, pain and sweating are symptoms and signs that the immune system producing to eliminate the microorganisms, be it a virus or bacteria, forcing the body to slow down and rest. Otherwise, microorganisms would multiply and multiply and our organism would collapse, die .

Very often, if the defense mechanism is strong, and especially if it is additionally stimulated by the right medicine, there is recovery, health and return to function.

If the defense mechanism is weak, and is further aggravated by the wrong therapy , then there is development of chronic diseases that are also manifested by characteristic symptoms and signs considering  certain organs and organ systems and are closely related to hereditary predisposition.

These diseases are classified in scientific medicine under appropriate diagnoses such as: Asthma, Arthritis, Allergy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis , Epilepsy, Depression, Ulcerative Colitis , Chronic Sinusitis , Cancer, Psoriasis, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Dystonia, ALD, ADHD, Chronic hepatitis, Cirrhosis of the liver , Gastritis, etc.

Symptoms are chronic, progressive over time to the end of life. The body is not able to overcome chronic disorders on its own as may be the case with acute illness.

With homeopathic individualized treatment, there is a very high possibility of curing chronic diseases.

Thus, the homeopathic treatment is taking all the symptoms of the patient , mental-emotional and physical (the totality of symptoms), not only the pathology, which then points to the ONLY one drug that will stimulate the immune system and initiate healing process to bring about a lasting health conditions .

Each person has an individual immune response in the disease, therefore the drug must be individual .

Generally speaking, there is a very rapid initial improvement in chemical treatment, but it also worsens over time with an increasing need to take higher concentrations of the same or another inherently more aggressive drug, because the chemical drug acts SUPRESSIVELY  on the human organism.


In the process of the disease changes are taking place in the spiritual dynamic plan (electromagnetic field) of the human organism and are never of-material nature, but of the the energy nature, and then follow the changes in the chemical processes of the body, which are then manifested by a change in the structure of tissues and organs, changes in matter visible to the human eye and sofisticated medical equipment. Therefore, a drug that can lead to healing and regeneration of the organism can only be of the same nature - homogeneous .

The changes that occur are not at the molecular level of the organism, but at the atomic and subatomic parts of the building blocks of the human organism (G.Vithoulkas).

When the right medicine is found, the immune system is stimulated and the healing process of chronic or acute illness is started .

Of particular interest to patients is crucial knowledge that only one drug can be used in a given moment, not two or more drugs at the same time, because this practice can not lead to healing, moreover can cause more chaos in an organism, It is also very important for patient information that homeopathic drug which is  administered encourages entired immune system of the organism, and all other comorbidities are include in healing process not only for disese person  looks for help.

A person as well as a medical therapist should know what a cure is and distinguish it from palliation , i.e. the simple removal of symptoms. If after the removal of the symptoms there is no development of feelings of FREEDOM , with the simultaneous cessation of medication, it can not be called a cure.


Homeopathic remedies are natural substances from the mineral, plant and animal world.

The drug is obtained by obtaining a base tincture from the appropriate substance, diluting it and dynamizing In such way toxic effects are eliminated  but the therapeutic effects of the drug remain.

The shocking fact is that the more the drug is shaken and diluted (serially), the stronger the healing effect is.

This remains true even when the solution is above the Avogadro's number in which not a single atom of the test substance is present.

This seemingly paradox has recently been elucidated in various studies around the world since 1995 - explaining specific quantum electrodynamic processes that occur only in dilute water solutions or other dipolar solvents.

Basically, the process of shaking and diluting creates clusters of water molecules ( clusters ) aligned with the associated electromagnetic fields.

When there is a resonance between the ‘vibration’ of the drug and the patient’s symptoms, the structure of the water changes and improves all the chemical reactions involved in the body’s processes. (Bill Gray , MD, Homeopathy: Science or Myth? North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 2000).

The drug is then tested on healthy people, not animals, and the symptoms are recorded in detail in the books , MATERIA MAEDICA.

The symptoms that a healthy person develops in the process of proving  are  developed on the all three levels of human existence, mental, emotional and physical.

One of the essential characteristics of a homeopathic remedy is that there are no side effects,

If the given  drug is not correct, practically nothing happens in the healing process , and another drug must be sought.


All chronic and acute ailments, except orthopedic and surgical health problems.